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The world is going crazy. And we have already become accustomed to this.

4ca3fa900295e4541863719cf40ad02cWe live in a world where idiocy at the level of big politics is no longer surprising. Everyone was so used to the show that they began to forget the simplest things: the prime minister is not a drunken clown from a provincial circus, who was invited to the parliament of a country with nuclear weapons. A drunken president, speaking in front of the next heroes – this is the real president of a real “unreliable” country, and not a funny character in an uncomplicated comedy.

These characters today are replacing the heroes of “House-2″(russian reality show on TV) from the screens – the staging show on the heat of idiocy easily gave way to real politicians.


Well, the Russian sportsmen were declared first “under doping”, then “under sanctions”. Without evidence, without the law and even contrary to the laws that they themselves wrote. At the same time they show “clean” skiers-asthmatics from Norway, American gymnasts that are larger than our weightlifters, tennis players and wrestlers, whose sex (a peasant or, sorry, not quite a man) only in the bath can be determined, probably … And “the whole world “Did not notice that the panties were pulled over their ears?

As before no one wanted to answer the simple question about the downed Malaysian Boeing: And why is this Russian? Why did they bring in one installation of the air defense system, shot down this aircraft and immediately took this unit back to Russia? Some kind of idiocy from beginning to end. The crime has not been investigated to date, but all “civilized people” claim that Russia did it. And the results of the investigation where? Four years have passed. Passed …

Russian hackers, as everyone knew, chose the American president. Chose or not chosen is not clear, but somehow intervened. Even Trump confirms that he was not chosen, but interfered. Just get out! Then they interfered in almost all elections, referendums, brexites, and harassment. In Hollywood, not a single star remained, to which the Russian “did not intervene” in the most unceremonious manner. You’re really jealous of this ubiquitous guy.

And Russian in every phone and every computer in the world – this is no surprise and decent-looking citizens are trying to find in their phone at least some traces of Russian hacker. At least in a hurry forgotten in the full screen of the Russian flag or a bear’s face. Although Kalinka-malinka in melodies, though known to all the Russian word of three letters with the appropriate wish.

And when the Russians captured the entire virtual space and began to influence the collective brain of the defenseless american citizens, they, again Russians, struck a material blow – they began to poison traitors in London with the gas “Novichok”. Tereka May organized a show, which was joined by the main people of Euro-Atlantic solidarity. Ah, rookie, ah, the Russians, killed, killed!

And already for this “killed” the people did not hear the amazed question from the OPCW (this is such a serious organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons): And who is the “Novichok”? Such an IA does not exist, because an organization that knows everything about chemical weapons is not aware of such a poisonous substance.

Do you know why it is not known? Because the “Novichok” is not gas, but the name of the KGB operation, which arranged a channel for NATO misinformation and the search for traitors in the production of chemical weapons in the USSR. In this regard, there are a lot of open materials. For example, NATO and the United States have spent more than $ 10 billion to find protection against non-existent gas. “Novichok” – this was one of the answers of the KGB for “Star Wars”. Real, as they say, fake.

And in foreign media, the information “flashed” that the Violins were being trampled not by the mythical “Novichok”, but quite real to the real English VX (W-Ex) … For this reason, no one will give Russia gas samples. And there will be no investigation. But who needs this investigation – the guilty was found and named literally in the first hours after the attempted murder.

What leads to hysterics?


It was terrible to strike at North Korea, which has several nuclear weapons and dozens of rockets. Maybe there is. At the same time, NATO heroes rush to Russia with a cry of “keep me ten people” … Did the roof really go and are going to attack? And if they do not, then why snot on the hare smear and furiously tear the military pantyhose? At us the country with economy “torn to shreds” and spare stockings for the worthy answer to the West is not present. There are rockets. You can get an “unsymmetrical answer”. Nobody understands this?

Do they want to isolate Russia? The whole “civilized world” dreams to shut itself off from Russia and make it an outcast country. Good. Then why do you remember Russia every single day. We were convinced that Russia is the 125th issue on the international agenda.

While we have not been isolated yet, we periodically read foreign media and watch the news via the Internet. And there is a suspicion that when Russia is completely isolated, they will write and shoot stories exclusively about Russia. Everything is still moving in that direction – the more “isolation”, the more articles and stories in the Western media.

In addition, there is another interesting fact: the Kremlin has turned into a kind of international terminal. Constantly someone comes, someone leaves, someone is fed, someone is given “luggage” in the form of S-400 and other “corners.” And it all began precisely from the moment when the policy of “isolation” began in the West. Somehow strange … No?


This statement is constantly heard from foreigners, who are daily dragged to the screens of Russian TVs. And local Russophobes scream that there is no democracy in Russia. And what they write in social networks and the Internet about the president, individual members of the government and all the deputies … It is better for children not to know such words. And after that, there is no democracy in Russia? Maybe…

For example, in liberated from tyranny Ukraine, which the West and our liberists are very happy with the development of democracy – democracy, it turns out. Not for everyone, but there are in large quantities and the right proportions.

Do you know when in Russia there will be a real democracy? When the Arbat will go freaks in balaclava with torches and slogans “Moskalians on the gallows!”, And the police will defend these Democrats. Then we will meet the western standards of freedom. Or will not we?


First Trump defeated the terrorists, then Makron defeated the terrorists, then whoever did not defeat the terrorists, and the war in Syria does not end.

The presence of military contingents of practically all NATO countries and some of its allies in the territory of sovereign Syria is normal? All somehow have already got used, that they there “always were”. For several years they have been trying to separate terrorists from the opposition, riotous from simply restless, cannibals from vegetarians. And they are very indignant when the Russian aviation “threshes” all those who are with weapons, indiscriminately on the grounds that the opposition does not happen with rifles.

And the whole civilized world condemns Russia for “excessive cruelty.” And are you all doing there? Who called you? Russian aviation, at the invitation of the legitimate government, throws a moderate weight of bomb on the unmeasured terrorists. If the Americans can not divide their allies on the left and right, then let Allah sort them in the next world. So they do not kill civilians on this.


Why do actors, directors, performers and other creative people consider it possible to give advice on the economy, the arrangement of the political system, the army and the number of weapons? This does not bother anyone? The people are hotly and seriously discussing recipes from the “stars” …

Okay, a well-known actor can assume that his fame allows him to give advice in areas in which professionals do not risk interfering. A famous person wants to show everyone that he is an idiot. This is his right – we live in a democratic country. Why are people so hotly attached to this? Everyone dreams of being famous idiots? Or are there many idiots – is that wisdom already?

Say that the world is not going crazy …


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