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Is Teresa May A Man? Very Likely…

Given the unconventional sexual orientation of Foreign Minister Boris Johnson in her office, this statement does not seem so incredible.


The alleged male field of the prime minister was told by her classmate in college, asking, of course, not to give her name.

So, this lady claims that during the joint training, Teresa May began to harass her during the joint Christmas Eve celebration with their class. She tells me that Theresa had been paying her attention for a long time before that. Then Teresa invited her to dance. And the witness swears that she felt very well something solid near her hip.

This fact interested me so much that I tried to find out how Teresa Mae behaved in the places of her studies and work before she began to make her political career.

May, as is known, after a private school she studied at Oxford University, where she received a bachelor’s degree in geography. Then she worked for the Bank of England and the clearing company APACS. Her classmates immediately remember that she has always been very negative about even the slightest signs of attention from men. And, on the contrary, she always tried to attract women’s attention and was mostly friends only with girls.

From 1984 to 1992, Mei was a deputy to the local government, then she ran for Parliament from the North West Durham district, took part in the early elections of 1994 from Barking County, but this attempt failed. The first success of Teresa May in politics  is dated to 1997, when she became a member of the British House of Commons.

In 2002, Teresa May was elected to the position of chairman of the Conservative Party. She became the first woman to oversee technical issues and provide the Tories. Theresa May was a faithful companion of Cameron, who later became, willy-nilly, almost the godfather of Brexit. From 2003 to 2005, she held the post of shadow minister of transport, food and environmental protection, since 2005 – a shadow minister of culture and acted as leader of the House of Commons. In 2009, another appointment was made – the Minister of Labor and Social Security.

As a member of the House of Commons, Teresa May voted:

– for the invasion of British troops in Iraq;

– against the integration of Britain with the EU;

– against smoking bans in crowded places;

– against the ratification of laws to combat climate problems;

– against giving gay couples the right to adopt children, but for legitimizing their marriages;

– always strongly opposed the flow of emigrants.

After the victory of the Conservatives in the 2010 parliamentary elections, Teresa headed the Ministry of the Interior, retaining the post of Minister for Equality of Women. In this post she was noted by numerous cases of considerable rigidity and adherence to principles, which is not characteristic of the weak sex.

And finally, Theresa May married in 1980 for Philip John May, an employee of the trust company Capital Group Companies. And … they have no children. The official biography of the Prime Minister says that she can not have children because of some “mysterious experiences” that she experienced either in her childhood or in her youth.

That is, May’s lack of children can be considered as one of the indirect signs that she is a man? Very likely.

In the history of Great Britain, there have been many cases in which women, trying to make a career, have been successfully converted by men all their lives. So, for example, it was with James Barry, who in fact was Margaret Ann Bulkley, who wanted to make a career as a military doctor and successfully implemented her. She even became General Inspector of military hospitals, but died of dysentery, and only after that her secret was revealed.

So it happened with Denis Smith, who was in reality Dorothy Lawrence. She hid her sex to become a military correspondent on the front of the First World War, and she was quite successful.

Such examples can be continued.

As is well known, over the past half century, the most popular among the prime ministers of Great Britain was the famous Margaret Thatcher, who rightfully received the nickname “Iron Lady”. At the same time, men’s premieres were more and more distinguished by a low rating and weak organizational abilities and, what is more important, caused more and more antipathy among citizens.

Thus, it can be objectively stated that it would be quite popular for the British to have a woman as prime minister, but not as a man. And even if such a woman, capable of assuming the post of Prime Minister of Great Britain, would not be, then it was worth creating …

Can Teresa May be a man? Very likely.

And, undoubtedly, the responsibility for concealing this fact is borne by the Tories-conservatives who for many years have been misleading the citizens of Britain for the preservation of political power and are the main beneficiaries in this situation.

In the good old England tolerant of gender equality, but why hide the real gender identity of the Prime Minister?

The Tory leadership must give explanations on this fact within 24 hours. If this does not happen, British citizens have the right to demand the resignation of the Cabinet.

Hmm, did not you notice that in the article one by one all methods of proving Russia’s “guilt” in the case of the poisoning of Sergei and Yulia Skripal were used?

All this would be ridiculous, if it were not so sad, because so London reduces its international authority to absolute zero.

by John Darts

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