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Owners of cars who regretted their choice

Every car enthusiast wants to get a car that will serve long and trouble-free. It is difficult to guess in advance what a new car can throw. In the case of second-hand machines, everything is much simpler. It…


Natural wonders of the world

The international publishing house Dorling Kindersley has published the book Natural Wonders of the World, which tells about the most picturesque corners of our planet, accompanied by 3D-maps and guidebooks.   The Pantanal is the…


Safe cars for the toughest off-road

The Russian problem is number one.   There are many wonderful things in Russia: cuisine, nature, attractions. However, that’s what this land is really notorious for, so it’s the quality of its roads. And if the visitors…


Useful tricks for motorists

In the life of every motorist, unpleasant situations occur. That door does not open, because outside the window -20, it’s unclear where the dents come from, which seem to be not very noticeable, but I would…


Rating of the most insecure cars

Choosing a new or used car, not all drivers think about their own lives and health. Modern machines are equipped with various reliability features, which, however, do not always save in an accident. Unsuccessful design, light weight,…


Limousine for the President of Russia

  Limousine car for the president of Russia. Until the 2000s, Russia’s top officials were traveling on limousines ZiL-41047, designed in the USSR. And the last two decades, the main government car was the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. In…

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